Made in LA. Online since '89. Doer of cool things for Hollywood, video games, etc. PC master race. Android fanboy. Ponies. VWs.

I haven't posted much content in a few years. Online since Prodigy in 1989, I was beginning to get burned out on netculture when Facebook still required a .edu email address and hashes were an IRC thing. So, by the time BuzzFeed and Reddit turned the internet into trash, I'd moved on and focused on running my company, Danger Brain.

Actually, I didn't "move on" very far, because from about 2010 on, I worked at making YouTube look less like GeoCities and more like TV branding enough of the largest content creators and networks that everyone had to step up their game by the time Hollywood realized YouTube was a thing. These days, I post all the professional stuff on Instagram and the personal stuff on Google+. I'm also the 2065th user on Twitter, but I never use it because it's shit.

Here's some of the crap I draw